Our Cooperative: A Journey of Love and Passion

A beautiful olive grove brought us together, where we invest and share our love for the Istrian land, olive trees, and a more sustainable approach to nature. Our work blends thousand-year-old olive tree cultivation traditions with modern expertise, where we strive for the best, for us and for the environment, while preserving traditional quality.


When daily care for olive oil transforms into something greater. When we dedicate ourselves to every aspect of producing premium high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil – from the day we plant the tree, to observing the first flowers, leaves, and healthy green fruits, to the first drops produced under expert supervision. That’s when our hearts race.


Our olive oil reflects our choices – when we harvest the oil, how we pick the olives, how we press them, how we store them. Our oil undergoes chemical and organoleptic analyses, which affirm its health benefits.


To inspire people in Slovenian Istria to plant and cultivate olive trees in an organic way, to take care of their grove with dedication, and to process premium olive oils suitable for cuisine, medicine, or natural cosmetics through shared knowledge and strength.

Terra Centuria

We believe our oil will leave you enchanted!

Centuria (from Latin centvria, from Latin centum – hundred) was a tactical unit of the Roman army that originally numbered approximately 100 men.


Terra Centuria

Our history


The establishment of the cooperative Terra Centuria

We formally established the co-operative as enthusiasts for Slovenian Istria and good olive oil.



The first harvest and pressing of olives to obtain high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil.

Members of the Terra Centuria cooperative picked their organic olives in mid-September.



Double Gold Aristoleo prize

Our high-quality extra virgin olive oil was awarded the prestigious Aristoleo Double Gold prize for its high polyphenol content, specifically 1668 mg/liter.



More awards

In 2024 our hard work has been recognized by more awards, such as Double Gold Aristoleo prize, Gold Olive Japan, Best in class from Olio Nuovo and more. https://terracenturia.com/awards/


To experience our hard work, order yourself a bottle of our premium EVOO.